Austar Sales Team-building


On Sep 15, an outdoor team-building for Austar sales team was started at Houxi town of Xiamen.

After arrived at the training base at the early morning, the sales were divided into 3 teams, named guerilla, dream and panther.

【Dry Land Dragon Boat - Get together to make everything possible】

The first task was dry land dragon boat. 2 boards and 14 ropes make a dry land dragon boat. How could it be moved? But everything becomes possible when 6 team members get together to move synchronously. Team work conquers every difficulty.


【30S Speed Up - Teamwork makes 1 + 1 > 2】

20 cards with different patterns were placed on the grassplot to represent different numbers. Only one member can be sent out by each team to step on the numbers orderly within 30 seconds. With the help of other members in the team, the one can finally figure out each number and step on them all orderly within the time limit. What inspire in this game? “Teamwork, share, communication” make success.

【Dragon Plays Balls – Chariness + persistence + correct way = Success】

Every team had 2 ping pong balls and each member had 2 pipes of 30 cm length. 2 ping pong balls were placed into the first pipe and needed to be passed through the pipe of each member one by one until the destination. Once drop the ball, should start from the first beginning point. With the chariness, persistence, coordination and correct way, all teams finalized the task at last.

【High Altitude Broken Bridge – Conquer inner mind fear to start brave step】

Fear lives in everyone’s mind. Even someone looks brave normally. When you were on the upper broken bridge facing no way back, the only thing can be done was to conquer inner mind fear and step to the thither bridge.


【Cross The Graduation Wall – The strength of team】

The graduation task is to cross the 4.2M height graduation wall. How could it be finished, especially for girls? But soon, the idea was generated in mind. Through the human wall, the 1st one was pushed to the top. Then the 2nd person was pulled to the top. Soon, more and more members crossed the wall. The last one with great jumping ability climbed and cross the wall independently. Without great base human wall, the task is almost impossible to complete.


【DIY Supper】

After the whole day training finished, the happy supper began. From fire to cook, everything is DIY. Suddenly you could find out many great cookers appeared.

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