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Dear partners:

Thank you for your always great support in the past! With the continuous exploration and development, Austar Company has developed a new BTE hearing aid with independent intellectual property and design patent. It has been in the global market since Aug. 01, 2013. Please be free to contact our sales for more details.

External structure:

  • New BTE design: More Fashionable, Elegant and Comfortable.
  • Better touch effect can meet Elder’s special demand on operation.
  • New Audio Shoe can act as both programming and audio port. Besides programming the hearing aid, user can enjoy watching TV, calling and language training for deaf children through this audio port.
  • Battery compartment lock can prevent children from swallowing the battery.

Internal structure:

  • Modular design is applied to ensure the compact and stable components inside.
  • Moisture-proof, water-proof and anti-corrosion for the internal electronic components.
  • Sealed and fixed cavity is applied in the hearing aid receiver. It can well protect the hearing aid from being damped or disturbed.
  • Flexible printed circuit board can reduce the impedance inside the circuits, which will lower the equivalent input noise level of the hearing aid.
  • Battery contact is made of stainless steel and is less susceptible to be corroded by sweat or battery fluid.

Various colors:

  • The following nine colors are available for option:

  • New BTE Timetable:
  1. August 01, 2013: Jora 9, Jora 7, Jora 5, Jora 3.
  2. September 01, 2013: Lenx16, Lenx8, Lenx4, Diamond M, DiamondE, Euphony.
  3. October 01, 2013: Joy

If you have any questions, welcome to consult the relative sales.

Austar Hearing Science and Technology (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd

July 30, 2013

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