Different Types Of Austar Hearing Aids


Do you know how many types of hearing aids there are? We have summarized the classification in 3 ways.

1st, It is classified by signal processing method:
Analog Hearing Aid
Digital Hearing Aids

2nd, It can be classified by computer programming or manual adjustment hearing aids.

3rd, you can also sort by different kinds of hearing aids in amplification mode.

Linear amplification hearing aid
Non-linear amplification hearing aid
Finally, we can classify according to shapes, like custom fit hearing aids (IIC, CIC, ITC, HSE, ITE), Instantfit CIC Hearing Aids, BTE, RIC, BTE OE.

Different Types Of Austar Hearing Aids

But, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Different Types Of Austar Hearing Aids?

custom fit hearing aidOne, Austar custom made hearing aids advantages:
A. Small size, more concealed, beautiful
B. Customized hearing aid with ordinary power of 95dB and high power of 115dB
C. In line with physiological listening process
A. For the elderly or those with less flexible hands, it is not convenient to replace the battery and adjust the volume
B. It is necessary to change cerumen baffle frequently to prevent cerumen from blocking the horn
C. Same sex energy, more expensive
D. CIC is small in size, some functions are limited, such as no dual microphone

Instantfit CIC Hearing AidsTwo, Instantfit CIC Hearing Aids pros:
A. Invisible, beautiful, comfortable, and without taking impressions,
B. Greatly shorten the production cycle, without the need for patients to wait.
C. It avoids the problems of improper shell manufacturing and ear grinding.
D. The Patients can wear it directly without waiting and experience the hearing aid effects of deep ear canal hearing aids.
A. The power is smaller than that of general hearing aids
B. For the elderly or those with less flexible hands, it is not convenient to replace the battery and adjust the volume.

Ear hearing hearing aid AustarThree, Strengths of Austar Ear Hearing Hearing Aid:
A. Large size, easy to operate
B. Hearing aids have high power and are suitable for different types of hearing loss
C. Can connect more auxiliary equipment, such as FM audio cable
D. It is convenient for children to wear BTE
E. Same performance, lower price
A. Sweat easily enters the hearing aid and corrodes the movement;
B. The microphone is in the upper part of the auricle because of its large size and unattractive appearance.
C. It can't make full use of the characteristics of the auricle to collect sound.
D. It is not convenient to make a phone call.

types of Austar hearing aids

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