AUSTAR's Best 3 OTC Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids


In July 2023, AUSTAR launched three over-the-counter (OTC) rechargeable BTE hearing aids: Cadenza H55, Cadenza H56 and Cadenza H57. These 3 OTC rechargeable hearing aids have 11 channels and bands, 12dB intelligent noise reduction function, suitable for users with hearing loss less than 75dB, such as the elderly over 65 years old.

Cadenza H55

OTC Digital Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids (Cadenza H55)

Cadenza H56

Over the counter BTE rechargeable Digital hearing aids (Cadenza H56)

Cadenza H57

OTC Open fit Digital Rechargeable BTE hearing aids (Cadenza H57)

Want to know the price and cost of hearing aids?

The price of hearing aids is related to your MOQ, usually to get a lower price you need to wholesale a larger number of hearing aids. You get what you pay for, and you can get a pair of reliable quality OTC rechargeable BTE hearing aids for around $100.

Do Cadenza H5 series hearing aids have Bluetooth function?

There is no Bluetooth function.

Looking for a reliable OTC hearing aid supplier?

  • With 20 years of experience
  • The largest hearing aid manufacturer in China
  • AUSTAR is the leading brand of hearing aids in China.

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Here is a list of common questions:

What are OTC hearing aids?

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are a new category of hearing aids that consumers can buy directly, without visiting a hearing health professional. These devices are intended to help patients with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss such as adults, the elderly.

OTC rechargeable BTE hearing aids

BTE hearing aid is a medical device that is intended to help with hearing loss and is worn behind the ear.

What's the Difference Between OTC and Prescription Hearing Aids?

The difference between OTC and prescription hearing aids is that OTC is a universal hearing aid that anyone can wear after purchase, while a prescription hearing aid is a hearing aid customized for your hearing loss, and the hearing aid must be programmed after the audiologist has tested your hearing.

OTC hearing aids are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

Prescription hearing aids, also called programmable hearing aids, are suitable for all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound hearing loss.

Are OTC hearing aids as good as prescription?

Prescription hearing aids are more advanced than OTC hearing aids, so prescription hearing aids are better, but OTC hearing aids are cheaper. In short, the effect is the same for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Looking for FDA approved OTC hearing aids?

AUSTAR's OTC rechargeable BTE hearing aids are FDA certified, if you are looking for FDA approved OTC hearing aids, choose us.

Where to buy otc hearing aids?

Contact us directly to buy OTC rechargeable BTE hearing aids or OTC rechargeable RIC hearing aids, so you don't need to look for OTC hearing aids near me.

Are OTC BTE hearing aids rechargeable?

The Cadenza H55, Cadenza H56 and Cadenza H57 are all OTC rechargeable BTE hearing aids. They are AUSTAR's latest 3 over-the-counter rechargeable BTE hearing aids.

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