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Austar Hearing Aids: The causes of tinnitus are complex and varied, and the incidence rate is high. Severe patients can affect the life, study and work of patients. It is estimated that there are at least 100 million tinnitus patients in China, and the age of patients is getting younger and younger. Tinnitus is difficult to cure. In order to eliminate the pain caused by tinnitus, masking therapy is one of the effective methods in tinnitus treatment. Compared with other drug therapy and electrical stimulation therapy, masking therapy is the most simple, safe, no obvious side effects and conducive to patients' peace of mind. Experiments show that the effect of masking therapy is significantly better than simple drug therapy. According to clinical reports, 76% of patients reported that tinnitus improved after 6 months, and the tinnitus adaptation rate could reach 88.03% after clinical treatment.


What is a masking device for tinnitus

The tinnitus masking device uses a narrow-band noise or white noise similar to tinnitus to mask the sound of its own tinnitus, so as to suppress tinnitus or adapt to tinnitus, so as to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. Long term severe tinnitus will make people upset, anxious and depressed. The sound of tinnitus masking device will not make people feel harsh, but also help tinnitus patients reduce tinnitus annoyance, relax their body and mind, and stop the vicious cycle of tinnitus aggravation caused by tinnitus emotional changes.

In foreign countries, masking therapy has been paid special attention, and it has been continuously reported on foreign professional websites. In recent years, some hospitals in China are serving patients, but the cost is generally not low. The long-term adherence to treatment requires relatively high economic conditions for patients, and the instruments need to be used under the guidance of doctors or professionals. There are few real household products, which is also one of the main reasons for the great limitations of this treatment at this stage. For the daily use of tinnitus patients, the household and daily use of tinnitus masks, white noise machines and other equipment has become a development trend.

Now, with the development of hearing aid science and technology, more and more hearing aids are equipped with tinnitus masks to provide patients with a more comfortable and better life.

masking device for tinnitus

In terms of tinnitus treatment, there is no specific drug. In the treatment process, we must relax, don't give up, and establish a good attitude. No matter whether it is possible to complete the whole treatment process, it is very necessary to try masking therapy. Tinnitus masking can help patients adapt to their ear discomfort as soon as possible. I hope that tinnitus masking therapy can be more popularized and popularized in the future, get rid of tinnitus.

Austar hearing aid for tinnitus masking

For users with hearing loss and tinnitus, the best tinnitus masking device is the Austar hearing aid. Users can use tinnitus masking therapy to treat tinnitus by switching programs every day, two to three times a day, half an hour each time. Different users have different tinnitus types, and the treatment time and effect of masking therapy are also different. Some users may use it for a week, and some users may need two to six months to have a certain effect.

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At present, Austar affordable OTC hearing aids, such as mini rechargeable bte hearing aids and in-the-ear almost invisible rechargeable cic hearing aids, these cheap hearing aids have tinnitus masking function.

Hearing aid for tinnitus

Hearing aid for tinnitus cost

What is best hearing aid for tinnitus, how much do hearing aids for tinnitus cost? From the function and style of hearing aids, the cost of hearing aids is approximately in the range of tens to hundreds of dollars.

Austar hearing aids are equipped with tinnitus maskers inside, so you don't need to go to the hospital and spend high expenses for treatment. The cost of an Austar affordable hearing aid can be used to masking therapy repeatedly.

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