Hearing Loss

Todays hearing aids can improve your hearing and your life

2021-01-20 Todays hearing aids are small and discreet, with innovative features that can make a tremendous difference in how you hear - and how you participate in life. The newest hearing solutions not only open up a world of sound that you have been missing, they bring additional benefits, like easy on-the-go connectivity to smart phones, TVs, music players and even the Internet.

Connect to a world of sound
There’s no denying the ability of advanced technology hearing aids to keep you better connected to the sounds of everyday life. Their fast-paced sound processing filters out sounds you don’t want to hear and improves your ability to hear the sounds you want to hear, not just the ones directly in front of you. With access to sounds all-around, you not only hear better, you have more freedom to choose what you want to hear.

Remember more with less effort
When you have hearing loss, fewer sounds reach your brain. To make sense of the sounds, your brain has to work harder to understand speech and to help you focus on what’s important. Todays hearing aids do this automatically so you enjoy a richer, more natural hearing experience. You will notice a decrease in listening effort and an increase in remembering more of what people say to you. You will also be better equipped to follow conversations with several speakers, even in challenging listening environments like restaurants and social gatherings.

Enrich everyday with wireless connections
Are you wearing hearing aids or wireless headphones? The answer is both. Hearing aids can now synch seamlessly with your favorite mobile devices, turning your hearing aids into wireless headphones. Free downloadable apps let you control volume and switch from one device to another with just the tap of your finger. On the go, stream audio wirelessly from your mobile phone directly to your hearing aids. At home, stream sound from your TV and radio at your own preferred volume.

Access a world of possibilities
The newest hearing aids continue to push the boundaries of wireless communication. Want the lights to turn on automatically when you switch on your hearing aids or get a notification in your hearing aids when someone’s at the door? Oticon Opn™, the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the Internet, let’s you do that and more. Opn connects directly to the Internet through the If This Then That network (IFTTF.com). Wearers can connect to a range of IFTTT-enabled “smart” devices from doorbells and lighting to thermostats and security systems. For example, you could arrange to have your internet-connected doorbell send a message to your smartphone any time the doorbell rings. Caregivers can receive alerts when a child’s or elderly parent’s hearing aid batteries need changing. The number of smart devices on the IFTTT network is growing all the time, and the potential to enjoy Opn’s Internet connections is limited only by your imagination. 

See for yourself
If you’ve put off looking into hearing aids because you were afraid you wouldn’t be satisfied, you owe it to yourself to experience the many advantages of today’s advanced technology hearing aids. The time may never be more right for you to improve your hearing and your life. Locate your local hearing care expert here and schedule an appointment today.

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