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Best hearing aid buying guide for hearing loss and tinnitus


What is the best hearing aid on the market? Checking out new hearing aid technologies, price comparisons and reviews is what every hearing impaired person (such as the elderly) pays attention to when buying a hearing aid. We provide the best cheap hearing aid, If you want a hearing aid price list, please contact us.

hearing loss

Hearing loss is a widespread problem, although in our visually oriented society, it may not appear as that noticeable. The truth, however, is completely different. Struggling with hearing loss has a significant impact on daily activities, lifestyle, communication and emotional and physical health. In order to know that hearing impairment can be alleviated we have prepared a short guide to let you know how to better cope with a hearing problem.

Do I need a hearing aid?

What level of hearing loss requires a hearing aid? Do i need a hearing aid for mild hearing loss ( hearing test), how bad does your hearing have to be to get a hearing aid?

Best hearing aid buying guide for hearing loss

The first symptoms that suggest you may need to undergo an ear examination are problems with understanding conversations, hearing muffled speech, buzzing and ringing in the ear, listening to louder TV and radio, problems with hearing different voices especially in a noisy environment, etc. If you suspect that you have a hearing problem or experience some of the symptoms above, the most important step to take is to turn to an audiologist or an ENT specialist. They will determine the cause, degree and type of the hearing loss, whether it is treatable, how it can be alleviated and the most suitable hearing aid for your specific condition.

How can a hearing aid help me?

With the progression of hearing loss, you can have trouble with the different sound frequencies. Usually hearing impairment occurs firstly for the higher frequencies. The benefit of the hearing aid is that it amplifies the frequency that is hard to hear with the degree that is suitable and reduces background noise to help optimise speech understanding as much as possible.

What types of hearing aids are there?

Types of hearing aids

Hearing aid manufacturers produce many types of hearing aids that can be used. The main types are behind the ear (including receiver in the ear and open fit) and in the ear (including in the canal and completely in the ear). Other hearing aid types are body worn, bone conduction, implants and disposable. The right hearing aid can be chosen depending on the type and severity of the hearing loss, age or personal taste.

How can I get a hearing aid?

You can get a hearing aid in two ways. One is to buy from an online store or a local hearing clinic. Another way is to buy directly from AUSTAR, contact us, tell us your hearing loss, the type of hearing aid you like, product model, etc.

Hearing aid batteries and accessories

In addition to paying for hearing aids, you should also consider other expenses related to the maintenance and care of the device. Usually, the hearing aids are equipped with batteries that have different durability (mostly depending on the size of the hearing aid). Behind the ear hearing aids batteries can last up to about 2 weeks while smaller models, such as in the ear ones have a shorter battery life. Accessories that you need may include cases, additional tubes, domes and cleaning supplies. We supply all of these for most types of hearing aids at very competitive prices when compared to the high street alternative.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

Xiamen AUSTAR is the largest hearing aid manufacturer in China, wholesale behind the ear (BTE) , in ear (ITE) hearing aids, rechargeable and other types of hearing aids and use our own fitting system software for programming hearing aids to ensure superior quality of hearing aids and make price competitive in this industry. Our main customers are hearing aid companies/distributors across the USA, Europe, Asia and Mid East.

If you are looking for a reliable Chinese manufacturer of hearing aids, contact us, you will find value in AUSTAR. We provide solutions for hearing aid companies/distributors to save time and price/costs. AUSTAR commit to provide customers with excellent service, satisfactory quality and competitive prices.

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