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What is RIC hearing aid? Is it suitable for me?


RIC(Receiver in canal), the hearing aid with external receiver is also a new-generation digital hearing aid of open-fit. Since come out in 2003, the market share has been the highest in the world in ten years. What is the charm of RIC?

What is RIC hearing aid, Is it suitable for me?

The main body of RIC behind the ear, contains a microphone, amplifier and processing chip, while the receiver (speaker) is placed in the ear canal through a thin wire connection. This design means that the size can be smaller than traditional BTE hearing aids, and can produce a more natural sound, while reducing the impact of acoustic feedback.

Advantage of RIC hearing aids

Want to hear high-frequency sounds

For most hearing-impaired people, the first hearing symptom is the lack of high-frequency sound (for example, they find that they can't hear the electric ring tones, the birds chirping in the park, etc.). The two-part separating design of the RIC is particularly good at amplifying High-frequency sound, but can still produce natural sound effects, so it is especially suitable for people who find hearing problems or mild to moderate hearing loss early, but of course RIC also has models designed for people with severe hearing loss.

What is RIC hearing aid? Is it suitable for me?

Hardly notice wearing a hearing aid

Due to the two-part separating nerve mentioned above, RIC is extremely small and light, and it is more comfortable to wear than other external hearing aids. Many users who have used hearing aids for a long time, their confirmation of the only reason they wear RIC type hearing aids, they have much better hearing.

Hearing more natural sound

Since the receiver is placed in the canal of ear, the sound can be directly transmitted into the canal, which means that the sound is not easily distorted; in addition, because the RIC can be used with open domes, the occlusion feel can be greatly reduced. The two factors make RIC have much natural sound quality.

Reducing occlusion feel

The occlusion of canal is caused by the hearing aid occupied or blocked the canal, which may cause some problems, such as hearing your own voice too loudly or feeling hollow, or making noisy sounds when swallowing. The receiver of RIC hearing aid will make the entrance of canal open, so it can avoid serious occlusion feel.

Reduce annoying acoustic feedback

Since the receiver is separated from the microphone and amplifier, that means low possibility of internal signal confusion, also reduce annoying acoustic feedback.

If you would like to aware of whether your hearing suitable for using RIC hearing aids or not, go to a professional hearing institution, reach the audiologist, who can professionally check your hearing loss situation, and give you the most professional advice and experience the charming RIC.

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Receiver in canal hearing aid

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