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Can oily cerumen ears wear hearing aids?


Most of our ear canal secretions are dry scaly, slightly yellowish scabs called dry cerumen. A few people's secretions are always oily or mushy viscous substances with dark brown color, which are called oily cerumen.

Oily cerumen, can use hearing aid?

If the oily cerumen needs to be equipped with a hearing aid, there is no problem with the BTE type. For the ear canal type, pay attention to the sound hole to prevent cerumen blockage. Moreover, the hearing center will install cerumen baffle on the ear canal hearing aid. As long as you pay attention to cleaning every day, the oily cerumen can not affect the use effect of the hearing aid.

Oily cerumen do not affect the wearing effect of hearing aids, as long as the ear canal is cleaned. Everyone secretes cerumen differently. Some people need to clean it every day, and some people can clean it every two or three days. Our hearing aid listeners have a deep understanding of this.

Can oily cerumen ears wear hearing aids?

Pay attention when fitting hearing aids:

If a customized hearing aid or ric hearing aid is selected, it is necessary to select an oil-proof cerumen protective device to protect the receiver port of the hearing aid and prevent blockage. If an ordinary gateway is selected, cerumen network will be very easy to be blocked, affecting the use effect of hearing aids.

Timely clean the ear mold or cerumen protective device to prevent blocking the sound hole. If the elderly try to choose BTE hearing aids, the impact of oily cerumen on hearing aids can be avoided to the greatest extent. At the same time, it also reduces the difficulty of hearing aid maintenance. The elderly usually can't see whether the small receiver mouth of customized machine and ric machine is blocked, and can't see whether it is clean. The difficulty of cleaning will also increase the idle opportunity of hearing aid for the elderly, but can't achieve the purpose of good compensation.

Timely remove the moisture from the hearing aid, use the drying box to remove the moisture every day, and use the electronic dryer to remove the moisture 1-2 times a week.

Remark of Oily cerumen

For "Oily cerumen", that is, those who generate wet cerumen faster, it is generally best to clear the earwax once every two or three months. In places with more dust, the time should be shorter, which can be flexibly mastered according to the specific situation. It's best to use a cotton swab to gently rotate at the mouth of the external auditory canal, and then turn the ear downward to let the cerumen discharge by itself. Avoid digging the ear with sharp objects such as nails and iron swabs.

People with wet cerumen may form cerumen embolism and affect hearing if they do not clean the external auditory canal for a long time. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital and ask a specialist to take it out with special instruments. After taking it out, you must adhere to using ear drops for 2 ~ 3 days to prevent infection.

Don't take out earwax randomly every day. Generally, earwax will fall off by itself. There is no need to worry that the ears will be blocked. Because earwax will be vibrated in people's daily jaw movements such as chewing and mouth opening, and will fall off and be discharged from the body by itself.

Even if there is water in the ears caused by shampoo, bathing and swimming, there is no need to use cotton swabs to clean them. If there is a lot of water, just jump on one foot to gently vibrate the water in your ears; If the ear is only slightly wet, let it dry naturally without treatment.

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