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Advantages of fully digital programmable hearing aids


Compared with analog hearing aids, the advantages of programmable digital hearing aids are obvious. Programmable digital hearing aids are the future development direction of hearing aids, especially rechargeable programmable hearing aids.

Programmable digital hearing aids are a new generation of hearing aids that combine digital and analog electronics. The programmable digital hearing aid is equipped with one or more digital chips, which are similar to the CPU of a computer, and can determine the working characteristics of the analog amplifier circuit after different analysis and processing of the external sound input signal.

Digital rechargeable ric hearing aid

Advantages of programmable digital hearing aids

1. Multi-band processing

The digital chip can divide the frequency range of the hearing aid into multiple frequency bands and determine its gain, compression threshold and compression ratio respectively, which ensures that the compensation for each frequency band is more targeted.

2. More fine adjustment

The digital chip can control dozens of hearing aid parameters, and a programmable digital hearing aid can be adapted to multiple patients with different degrees and types of hearing curves.

3. The compression ratio is adjustable

Compared with the traditional compression and amplification technology, due to the adjustable compression ratio, it can be suitable for the actual situation of more users' hearing.

4. Multiple program settings

The acoustic environment where the user is located is changing, and the performance requirements of the digital hearing aid are different when the deaf people are exposed to different acoustic environments. Traditional analog hearing aids only have a set of frequency response curves, which cannot quickly adapt to changes in the environment. The programmable digital hearing aid can store more than two sets of different frequency response curves at the same time, so it can achieve the purpose of adapting to changes in the acoustic environment.

5. Remote control device

Due to the existence of the digital chip, the programmable digital hearing aid can be equipped with a remote control device, which can more conveniently complete the program conversion or control the hearing aid switch, volume increase and decrease, etc., which is convenient for celebrities who are not flexible enough to move their fingers.

All-digital hearing aids use digital technology to perform segmentation processing, wide dynamic range compression, multi-channel programming, noise reduction, etc. on the sound signal, which is conducive to strengthening the signal, controlling feedback and improving the sound quality, effectively improving the signal-to-noise ratio and speech resolution. Hearing aids have the characteristics of intelligence, which can meet the different hearing needs of users to the greatest extent.

Under the condition of low-pitched speech, analog hearing aids can only amplify a fixed volume, while all-digital hearing aids can instantly increase the gain to ensure sufficient amplified volume.

Under loud input conditions, when analog hearing aids start peak clipping and gain control, the distortion also increases, resulting in a reduction in speech resolution; all-digital hearing aids can control the external sound within a narrow dynamic range, with less distortion, which can reduce the distortion. Enhance the ability to perceive and discern speech signals.

In a noisy environment, all-digital hearing aids can automatically close the frequency band with obvious noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio, thereby improving the understanding of speech, especially the improvement of speech resolution.

The all-digital hearing aid can divide the frequency range of the hearing aid into multiple frequency bands, and set its gain, compression threshold and compression ratio respectively. There are dozens of adjustable parameters, and the hearing compensation is more targeted and refined.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

AUSTAR is a professional hearing aid manufacturer and supplier in China, as well as an OEM hearing aid manufacturer. Specializing in the production of affordable digital OTC and programmable hearing aids, and use our own fitting system software for programming hearing aids to ensure superior quality of hearing aid and make price competitive in this industry.

Hearing aid advantages:

Rich product structure

AUSTAR hearing devices cover traditional hearing centers and hospital fitting hearing aids, as well as online retail OTC hearing aids, with traditional batteries and convenient rechargeable CIC hearing aids to choose from. Common types of hearing aids are: BTE, RIC, CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE open-fit.

Convenient operation

AUSTAR hearing aid products focus on humanized design, sound control, program switching, ergonomic design, to avoid misoperation, and the operation method is suitable for all ages.

Famous brand

The AUSTAR hearing aid brand was founded in 2003, with 19+ years of professional experience in the production and sales of hearing aids, in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the brand is well-known at home and abroad.

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