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How to pass the adaptation period of hearing aids?


Wearing a hearing aid for the first time, hearing aid adjustment guide and period, how can a patient best adjust to a new hearing aid? For users who wear hearing aids for the first time, in order to ensure their listening effect, how to spend the adaptation period of hearing aids is particularly important.

First of all, users should establish confidence and reasonable expectations. Hearing aids are auxiliary hearing products. At the initial stage of wearing, that needs to be an adaptation process. The length of this process varies from person to person, ranging from a few days to more than half a year, generally more than 1 to 3 months. The principle of "wearing time from short to long, wearing environment from quiet to noisy, and listening to sound from simple to complex" should be followed. During this period, you need to wear it step by step until you adapt to the hearing aid.

Secondly, in the early stage of use, there are requirements for the wearing time, wearing environment and training methods of hearing aids. Generally, we adopt the four weeks rehabilitation plan. The following is “the four weeks” rehabilitation plan:

hearing aid adjustment guide and period

First Week

  • Recommended wearing time per day: 1-2 hours
  • Suggestions for wearing environments: quiet environment, at home
  • Suggestions for general exercise methods: be familiar with and distinguish various sounds, such as kitchen cooking sound, faucet running water sound, walking sound, etc; Read aloud and get used to your voice; If you feel tired, you need to take it off and have a rest immediately until you recover your spirit and it can continue to wear it; Practice one-on-one conversations with your family.

The second week

  • Recommended wearing time per day: 3-4 hours
  • Suggestions for wearing environments: relatively quiet (such as downstairs community / park with few people)
  • Suggestions for general exercise methods: you can take a hearing aid and go out to a quiet place, such as a park, to get familiar with and distinguish some outdoor sounds. Learn to concentrate on what you want to hear and separate what you want to hear from the background sound. Practice one-on-one dialogue with your family at home or in a quiet outdoor. If one-on-one communication is good, one-on-two communication can be appropriately added. One person can finish talking and another person can say it on the side wearing the hearing aid as far as possible. If both ears are worn, it can be right in front.

The third week

  • Recommended wearing time per day: 5-6 hours
  • Suggestions for wearing environment: noisy environment
  • Suggestions for general exercise methods: go to public restaurants such as restaurants or supermarkets, pay attention to the main dialogue, or try to talk to strangers. Learn to look at other people's faces and lips and be obedient, so as to improve the ability of visual and auditory communication. At this stage, we should communicate more with friends and relatives. However, we should not talk for a long time to avoid hearing fatigue.

The fourth week

  • Recommended wearing time per day: more than 6 hours
  • Wearing environment suggestion: daily environment
  • Suggestions on general exercise methods: you can wear it for a long time (except washing and rest) and go in and out of public places in various complex environments; Master the skills of communicating with others in a complex environment. For example, when talking with people in a crowded outdoor place or on the road, you can turn your back to the noise place or road, so that the wearer will turn his back to most noise sources, which can help suppress noise interference and further improve the clarity of listening; You can try watching TV, mainly slow programs.

The time limit of the four week rehabilitation plan is not very fixed. Users can adjust the duration appropriately according to their own conditions. If they adapt well, they can shorten the adaptation duration appropriately. If they are uncomfortable, they can extend the process appropriately. In each service cycle, record the problems and dissatisfaction in the use process, feed back to the fitting technician, and the fitting technician will recheck, debug and evaluate the hearing aid again.

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