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Can I wear a hearing aid when I sleep?


Some hearing aid users may wonder whether they can wear hearing aids while sleeping? The main reason for this question is to wear a hearing aid as a tinnitus mask, or for safety reasons, hoping to maintain a certain perceptual response to the ambient sound during sleep. However, wearing a hearing aid while sleeping will have the following related issues:

Increased possibility of howling feedback:

Hearing aids are Open-fit ear, customized made or ear molds. When hearing aid’s ear domes are opened or not closed enough, if we cover our ears with our hands after wearing hearing aids, it is easy to create a whistling circuit (that is, annoying squeak). When we sleep with our head against the pillow, it is easy to lead to similar situations due to the proximity of the pillow or the pressure of turning over.

Increase the probability of part failure:

It is easy to press RIC receiver, which increases the risk of receiver line failure, fracture, poor contact and other risks. At the same time, it will also increase some expenses such as parts replacement and maintenance.


If you wear it for a long time and want to wear it when you sleep, the ear canal will be closed for a long time. However, the ear canal needs at least several hours of "ventilation" time in contact with the air every day. If the body is wet and not properly cleaned, it may also lead to repeated attacks of otitis media, otitis externa and infection, which is less conducive to the health of the ear canal.

Can hearing aids be worn while sleeping

Therefore, basically, if you want to wear a hearing aid while sleeping, you may have the above concerns. If you still want to wear a hearing aid while sleeping, you can make the following adjustments:

Invite Audiologist to establish a special program:

Use omnidirectional microphone and turn the feedback suppression function to the maximum.

Put a pillow against the wearing side of the hearing aid, use the acoustic feedback test function to understand the frequency that will be affected by the whistling, manually adjust the gain of the specific frequency band, and repeat this step until the whistling condition slows down.

If the user uses the optional open ear or customized-made hearing aids with vent, the howling may be serious or occur frequently. When sleeping, you can simply seal the air holes of the customized-made hearing aids with absorbent cotton or replace another pair of ear molds or earplugs without vent.

If you wear it for a long time, but you want to have a better hearing and detection response when you sleep, some experts will suggest that you can wear it in turn on your left and right ears when you sleep (such as right ears on odd days and left ears on even days), so that both ears can have a chance to rest.

In general, it is recommended to take off the hearing aid when going to bed at night to let the ears have a full rest. When taking a nap at noon, you can choose whether to wear the hearing aid according to the situation.

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