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How to stay away from ‘Entertainment induced deafness’?


In the crowded subway, busy streets and bustling shopping malls, young people with earphones can be seen everywhere. They are immersed in their "Entertainment World" and listen to songs, watch videos and play games wantonly. Unexpectedly, this small earphone is damaging their hearing health. Noise induced deafness is no longer an "occupational disease" belonging to workshop workers alone.

How to stay away from ‘Entertainment induced deafness’?

How does noise harm our ears?

Noise induced deafness, as the name suggests, occurs slowly progressive hearing impairment due to the long-term impact of noise on hearing. Most of them are sensorineural deafness. If the noise exceeds 85 ~ 90dB, it will damage the cochlea and lead to noise deafness.

Some young people still wear headphones to listen to music in a noisy environment. In such an environment, they will unconsciously improve their voice; Some people like to listen to rock music and pursue excitement; Some people like to wear headphones and listen to music when they sleep. If the earphone is used for a long time, the external auditory canal is blocked by the earphone, and the high-volume audio sound pressure will directly enter the ear, which may lead to noise deafness due to excessive sound stimulation.

Wearing headphones, too much sound can easily cause deafness

There are about 18000 auditory cells in human inner ear. They are ciliated cells with a diameter of 0.001mm. They are particularly vulnerable to noise and cannot regenerate after damage. The main damage of noise to hearing is that under the stimulation of sound at the same frequency for a long time, cochlear blood vessels are prone to blood circulation disorders. Hair cells will have abnormal metabolism due to insufficient blood and oxygen supply, and eventually lead to the damage and loss of hair cells. Severe cases are not only hearing loss, but also may be accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, insomnia and so on.

How to protect hearing?

"Three Ways": try to reduce the use of headphones in noisy environments, try to choose to play out when watching videos, and try not to wear headphones on the way out and before falling asleep.

"Low short": control the earphone volume at 50% or lower of the maximum sound volume. The earphone should not be worn for more than 1 hour in a short time, and the number of times of wearing and using earphones should be reduced.

If you have noticed the imagination of deafness, please wear a hearing aid as soon as possible.

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