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Things about intelligent noise reduction systems of hearing aids


Hearing aids can help many users enjoy many beautiful sounds in life, but usually there are many noises in the environment. Listening in a noisy environment for a long time will make people upset and cause hearing fatigue. Austar's new product Fugue H kick off selling in the market, so many people want to learn more about the new features of Fugue H, now let's talk about this function of noise processing—the intelligent noise reduction management system.

intelligent noise reduction systems of hearing aids

What is an intelligent noise reduction management system?

The Fugue H target to noise processing through 48 independent noise reduction channels, and at the same time enhances speech information. It pre-sets a variety of environmental noise reduction modes based on the spectral characteristics of different environmental signal-to-noise ratios to ensure that while strong noise reduction, the speech signal, recognition rate and speech intelligibility are retained as much as possible. In short, this intelligent noise management system is like a filter, which filters unwanted noises and leaves the necessary speech sounds so that we can hear clearly and comfortably.

You may have a question. Now most of the hearing aids on the market have a noise reduction function. Is there anything special? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Currently most of hearing aids have a basic noise reduction function, but the main benefit of the noise reduction function of a hearing aid is to improve the sound more comfortable, not to improve the speech more understandable. Many noise reduction systems may have negative effects if they adjust improperly. Instead, they will treat speech as noise and reduce speech understandable. And our intelligent noise reduction management system can improve speech information while reducing noise, allowing us to receive the needed information clearly and accurately.

hearing aid with active noise cancellation

The intelligent noise reduction management system can identify most of the noise in daily life, and attenuate this noise, improve the user's signal-to-noise ratio, and listen more comfortably. In fact, the noise reduction of any hearing aid cannot reach 100%, and the better noise reduction effect, the higher price of the hearing aid. Noise is also a part of our lives, and we hope that users can enjoy a more realistic sound.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

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