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Will you protect your hearing aid correctly?


With the development of technology, more and more people recognize and understand hearing aids. At the same time, more and more people feel the improvement of life brought by hearing aids because of their own hearing needs. Well, the problem is that some people may have a hearing aid that can be used for ten years, and some people may have to enter the factory for maintenance from half a year to a year. What is the reason for this? Will you protect your hearing aid correctly?

Hearing aids that are not well protected are very dirty

1."I think my hearing aid works very well, so I don't want to have it serviced." This is the reason why many hearing aid users don't go to stores for maintenance after buying hearing aids. In fact, this will not only affect the use effect of our hearing aids, but also affect the service life of our hearing aids. Because most of the hearing aids we keep at home are dry, either ordinary hearing aid drying boxes (using dry cakes to absorb moisture) or electronic drying boxes (heating and maintenance once a week). However, the effect is not as good as that of hearing aid stores using a special hearing aid dryer (vacuum drying). At the same time, when we come to the store for maintenance, we can not only have the maintenance of hearing aids, but also have regular hearing review. We know our own hearing situation like the back of our hand, and timely reflect the listening effect during this period, which can enable the audiologists to better serve us. Why not do more with one stone?

It is important to check and protect your hearing aids regularly

2. "My hearing aid has a drying box every day. Why is there a problem?" This is also a question raised by an old person. Then, every time the audiologist asks the old person whether the dry cake has changed color or needs to be replaced with a new dry cake. The old people were surprised and said, "the original thing needs to be replaced?" It may be that the audiologist didn't speak clearly for the old man at the beginning, and the old man made a mistake in understanding; Maybe the audiologist said that the old man forgot. In this case, we can make an auxiliary judgment according to the weather at that time. The normal dry cake can be used for about four months. If it rains a lot at that time or is in the plum rain season, the moisture absorption of the dry cake may only be two months. When we go to the store for maintenance, we should pay more attention to our dry cake, or directly bring the drying box with us, Let the audiologist help us judge.

Protect your hearing aids in life or work

The above two situations are the most likely problems for hearing aids and the easiest problems for us to solve. If we really don't understand, we go to the store regularly, or sometimes when we pass by the store, we maintain the hearing aids, so we will have a better listening feeling!

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