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What is the difference between CIC and ITC hearing aids?


CIC is the abbreviation of completely-in-the-canal hearing aids, which is almost completely hidden in the ear canal, while ITC is the abbreviation of in-the-canal hearing aids. So they are both in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, but the difference is that CIC is smaller and unobtrusive than ITC hearing aids. Both CIC and ITC are worn in the ear canal. You can see their differences by comparing the pictures below.

The difference between CIC and ITC hearing aids

CIC and ITC hearing aids visibility:

As can be seen from the picture above, the instant fit CIC hearing aids is almost completely located in the ear canal of the ear and is almost invisible from the outside. ITC hearing aids also sit within the ear canal, but may be slightly more visible than CIC hearing aids.

Therefore, CIC hearing aids are smaller and ITC hearing aids are relatively larger.

Which hearing aid is best to choose?

The best choice is to choose the appropriate hearing aid according to your hearing condition. CIC hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. ITC hearing aids are also suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss, but due to their relatively larger size they may accommodate more powerful amplifiers.

If your hearing loss is more severe, you may want to consider other types of hearing aids, such as BTE (Behind-the-Ear) types, as they provide more powerful amplification.

Replaceable battery and rechargeable:

Due to space constraints, CIC hearing aids may have smaller control buttons and smaller battery capacity, requiring more frequent battery replacement. ITC hearing aids are relatively large and may have larger control buttons and larger batteries, and the battery life may be longer. For the elderly, the convenience of control should also be taken into consideration.

in ear rechargeable hearing aids

One characteristic of battery-powered hearing aids is that they require frequent battery replacement, and choosing rechargeable hearing aids can solve this problem.

Wearing comfort:

Because CIC hearing aids sit entirely within the ear canal, some people may find them more comfortable. ITC hearing aids are relatively large and may have some differences in comfort depending on individual ear shape and adaptation.

Hearing aid cost:

Generally, CIC hearing aids can be more expensive because they are smaller and more difficult to manufacture. ITC hearing aids are relatively large and may be relatively low in cost. The rechargeable hearing aids manufactured by AUSTAR are of reliable quality and affordable, and are worth recommending.

User aesthetic preferences:

Individual aesthetic preferences and tolerance for visibility may influence your choice of CIC or ITC hearing aids.

Professional advice:

Consult a professional hearing care professional who can provide more specific recommendations based on individual hearing test results and needs.

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