How do we ordinary Chinese people do during the situation of corona-virus?


How do we ordinary Chinese people do during the situation of corona-virus?

Thanks to Chinese government's great supports and effective actions, our city Xiamen has not been affected much by the virus. After got the government’s approval for returning to work, our employees came to work gradually from 17th February.

The corona-virus epidemic has changed our lives obviously. It not only forces us to stay at home, but also changes the way we work, study, and even go shopping.

To protect ourselves from virus, we output following daily actions:
One. Wash hands. After going home; Before and after meals; After coughing or sneezing; Before touching mouth, nose, and eyes; When cooking, before and after handling food; After touching animals, use soap and running water not less than 20 seconds. If it is not convenient when go out, use 75% ethanol antibacterial solution to disinfect.
Two. Drink more water to keep body working well.
Three. Increase ventilation. Use natural ventilation as much as possible, once a day in the morning and in the afternoon, to keep fresh air indoor.
Four. Wear mask when we have to go out/ work.
Five. Use disinfectant to kill virus. Disinfect the surface of people-intensive indoor floors and frequently-contacted objects, such as door handles, escalator handrails, tables, chairs, and counters.
Six. Keep checking body temperature everyday to know body situation.

So far the outbreak of corona-virus in China is under control. However there is a new worry since the number of newly imported cases is increasing fast.We sincerely hope the situation of corona-virus in the world could get better shortly and everyone could get back to normal life soon.

Disinfection before entering the Austar companyDisinfection before entering the Austar company

Austar Hearing daily temperature checkingAustar Hearing daily temperature checkingWe all wear masks to ensure hygienic production

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