Holiday Notice-2014 Dragon Boat Festival

Dear Friends,

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, we will have three days off from Saturday (May. 31st, 2014) to Monday (June. 1st, 2014) , and we will resume to work on June 2nd.

Please feel free to contact Danny via 0086- 13666043544 if you have any questions.

Wish you have a merry Dragon Boat Festival!


The visit in Indonesia and Cambodia of Austar Company

From Feb. 24thto Mar. 04th,Austar company representatives have a nine-day visit in Indonesia and Cambodia. We were warmly welcomed by customers and very friendly exchanges with them. We have reached a preliminary cooperation and AST hearing aids will be sale in the local market to help more hearing loss patients solve hearing problem.

The visit achieved very good results.

AST would keep on dedicating itself to bringing the latest technology and products to hearing impaired person worldwide and to sharing the true essence of clear hearing with them.


Welcome to Austar at 2014 Audiology Now!

Exhibition center:Orange County Convention Center, Orlando

Date:Mar. 26th-28th, 2014

Booth number:No.2207 at HallE2

Dear friend,

Thank you for your always great support in the past!

We sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at 2014 AudiologyNow.

We will show a great varity of our products, especially our latest BTE hearing aids. We believe there will be some items attracting you. It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition.

You may find our location at the attachment.


2014 Austar Spring Festival Notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, we thank for your kind support in the past year.

Hereby, I am writing to inform you that we will have an 8 days’ holiday from January 30th to February 06th for the Spring Festival. During this period, should you have anything urgently, please feel free to call Danny via 0086- 13666043544 or your regional sales at any of your convenience.

Best regards,

Austar Overseas Team


Austar Celebrated the Tenth Anniversary

On October 23th, Hundreds of austar staff and dealers from all over the world celebrated Austar’s 10thanniversary in the Fliport hotel.

Many dealers from all over the world transfer their best wishes to Austar by video.

Austar’s general manager Mr. Xue Xingdong presented a warm speaking to express his thanks to all Austar staffs and all dealers; and then the dinner opened happily.

The dinner party is a feast of many brilliant shows. Everybody enjoyed the night.

Great gathering of distinguished guests

Austar general manager Mr. Xue Xingdong speaking

Austar Company gives a special incentive to ten old staffs-- Six days’ luxury Thai Flying tour


Austar at 2013 EUHA in Nuremberg

Austar participated in the EUHA congress from Oct. 16thto 18thin Nuremberg. This year Austar showed a variety of new and most influential hearing products such as new RIC, new BTE and personal sound amplifier, pocket hearing aid and mobile phone amplifier which obtained a public praise at congress.

AST would keep on dedicating itself to bringing the latest technology and products to hearing impaired person worldwide.


Traditional Mooncake Festival in China

With the coming of its 10thanniversary, all Austar staff celebrated the traditional Mooncake festival together in Xiamen Guohui Restaurant.

Banquet Hall

Everybody enjoyed the night as each of us get the necessities by this special gambling.

Wish AST a more successful year ahead through more contribution to aural rehabilitation!


Invitation(D07 at Hall 4A) from Austar Hearing-2013 Nuremburg EUHA

Austar Hearing at 2013 EUHA Congress

Exhibition center:Nuremburg Messe

Date:October 16-18,2013

Exhibitor:Austar Hearing Science &Technology (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd

Booth number:No.D07 at Hall 4 A(In between GN and Starkey)

Autumn is coming. It is a harvest Season. Hope your business is fruitful, just like this season.

As usual, we will be at EUHA in Nuremburg this Autumn. We are expecting to meet you there.

Austar Overseas Team



Austar new BTE Listing Particulars

Dear partners:

Thank you for your always great support in the past! With the continuous exploration and development, Austar Company has developed a new BTE hearing aid with independent intellectual property and design patent. It has been in the global market since Aug. 01, 2013. Please be free to contact our sales for more details.

External structure:

  • New BTE design: More Fashionable, Elegant and Comfortable.
  • Better touch effect can meet Elder’s special demand on operation.
  • New Audio Shoe can act as both programming and audio port. Besides programming the hearing aid, user can enjoy watching TV, calling and language training for deaf children through this audio port.
  • Battery compartment lock can prevent children from swallowing the battery.

Internal structure:

  • Modular design is applied to ensure the compact and stable components inside.
  • Moisture-proof, water-proof and anti-corrosion for the internal electronic components.
  • Sealed and fixed cavity is applied in the hearing aid receiver. It can well protect the hearing aid from being damped or disturbed.
  • Flexible printed circuit board can reduce the impedance inside the circuits, which will lower the equivalent input noise level of the hearing aid.
  • Battery contact is made of stainless steel and is less susceptible to be corroded by sweat or battery fluid.

Various colors:

  • The following nine colors are available for option:

  • New BTE Timetable:
  1. August 01, 2013: Jora 9, Jora 7, Jora 5, Jora 3.
  2. September 01, 2013: Lenx16, Lenx8, Lenx4, Diamond M, DiamondE, Euphony.
  3. October 01, 2013: Joy

If you have any questions, welcome to consult the relative sales.

Austar Hearing Science and Technology (Xiamen) Co.,Ltd

July 30, 2013


2013 Happy Tour– A nice drift in Yongtai

With the coming of Austar’s Tenth birthday, Austar organized the Summer Tour to Yongtai early July where there is a famous destination for drifting and watching waterfall. It is a good chance for all of our staff to go closer to the Nature and relax ourselves in this hot Summer.

We would like to share the above photos with you, our esteemed clients. Thank you very much for your always great support and wish you a nice Summer!!!


The Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

Dear Sir or Madam,

Another Dragon Boat Festival is coming. Overseas Team in Austar Company will have a 3 days’ holiday from June 10 to June 12. We will resume our work on Jun.13. If anything urgent, please be free to call Danny at 008613666043544.Thank you very much for your always great support!

Danny at 008613666043544.
Thank you very much for your always great support!


Dragon boat racing


AST at 2013 AudiologyNOW in California

Dear valued customers,

AudiologyNOW, the banquet of audiology, each year attracts tens of thousands of audiologists, deaf teaching experts, hearing engineers and social communities which are related to audiology development.

As in the past, AST participated in this congress from April 3th to 6th and showed the most influential hearing products such as hearing aid, mobile phone amplifier, pocket hearing aid etc. Especially a variety of new products were exhibited this time which included new BTE with middle power and super power, RIC/OE with fashionable and personalized design.

AST would keep on dedicating itself to bringing the latest technology and products to hearing impaired person worldwide.


Austar is honored to be the high-tech enterprise

Recently Austar as a professional hearing aid supplier has passed the united-audited and become one of the 2nd group of high-tech enterprises certified by Chinese government. High-tech represents the advanced development level of Xiamen enterprises. Thanks to its strong independent innovation, Austar has obtained the "High-tech".

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 New Year

Dear friends,

At the approaching of Christmas and New year, wish you and your family a Merry Chirstmas and a healthy and happy 2013!

Thank you for your great support in the past years. In the coming 2013, AST new technology will bring us a new step for our business cooperation.

AST Overseas Team


Austar Sales Team-building

On Sep 15, an outdoor team-building for Austar sales team was started at Houxi town of Xiamen.

After arrived at the training base at the early morning, the sales were divided into 3 teams, named guerilla, dream and panther.

【Dry Land Dragon Boat - Get together to make everything possible】

The first task was dry land dragon boat. 2 boards and 14 ropes make a dry land dragon boat. How could it be moved? But everything becomes possible when 6 team members get together to move synchronously. Team work conquers every difficulty.


【30S Speed Up - Teamwork makes 1 + 1 > 2】

20 cards with different patterns were placed on the grassplot to represent different numbers. Only one member can be sent out by each team to step on the numbers orderly within 30 seconds. With the help of other members in the team, the one can finally figure out each number and step on them all orderly within the time limit. What inspire in this game? “Teamwork, share, communication” make success.

【Dragon Plays Balls – Chariness + persistence + correct way = Success】

Every team had 2 ping pong balls and each member had 2 pipes of 30 cm length. 2 ping pong balls were placed into the first pipe and needed to be passed through the pipe of each member one by one until the destination. Once drop the ball, should start from the first beginning point. With the chariness, persistence, coordination and correct way, all teams finalized the task at last.

【High Altitude Broken Bridge – Conquer inner mind fear to start brave step】

Fear lives in everyone’s mind. Even someone looks brave normally. When you were on the upper broken bridge facing no way back, the only thing can be done was to conquer inner mind fear and step to the thither bridge.


【Cross The Graduation Wall – The strength of team】

The graduation task is to cross the 4.2M height graduation wall. How could it be finished, especially for girls? But soon, the idea was generated in mind. Through the human wall, the 1st one was pushed to the top. Then the 2nd person was pulled to the top. Soon, more and more members crossed the wall. The last one with great jumping ability climbed and cross the wall independently. Without great base human wall, the task is almost impossible to complete.


【DIY Supper】

After the whole day training finished, the happy supper began. From fire to cook, everything is DIY. Suddenly you could find out many great cookers appeared.


Austar "Sports Culture Week" Notice

In order to strengthen the building of spiritual civilization and enterprise culture, enrich staff the life of sports and culture, enhance employee's physique and improve the cohesion of all employees of the company, Austar company decideds to start "Sports Culture Week" during September 17 to 21. The competitions include basketball, badminton, table tennis and tug-of-war. More details will come later.

Austar Hearing Science and Technology (Xiamen) Co., ltd Relocation Notice

Dear clients,

Please be kindly informed that due to production expansion needs, we relocate our factory and office to a new place for a better service solution for you.

The new place is at 2nd Floor, No.2, Gaoqi South 12th Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian, China, which is very close to the Xiamen airport. We warmly welcome your visit and hope to build further business cooperation with you.

Wish you a greater business success in the near future.

Best regards,

International Sales Team

Austar Hearing Science and Technology (Xiamen) Co., ltd


AST Warmly Welcome you at the 2012 EUHA

Dear clients,

We hereby sincerely invite you and your company to visit our booth on the EUHA congress which will be held at Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt, from October 24th to 26th 2012 at Frankfurt,

A full variety of Austar hearing Aids and Devices with excellent performance and competitive prices will be displayed at this congress.

It will be a great pleasure to meet you at the congress and thanks again for your continuous trust and support, we will consistently offer you reliable hearing aids with competitive pricing, higher enthusiasm and greater efforts….

Congress Center: Messe Frankfurt

Hall Number: 5.1

Booth Number: A-6

Date: October 24th to 26th  2012

Looking forward to meet you in Frankfurt

Best regards,

International Sales Team

Austar Hearing Science and Technology (Xiamen) Co., ltd


“Inspiring Sound U, Ultra sharp U ” Valuable Upgrade

Thanking for the unceasing trust and support from Austar new and old customers, on 8th, June,2012, Austar phases out all its analogue custom-made hearing aids, and upgrades the two series--- Inpring Sound and Ultra Sharp into fully digital hearing aids.

The newly upgraded Inspiring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U will offer you with more care and surprise:

Digital circuit  Excellent timbre

The upgraded Inspring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U adopt the digital circuit, not only adhering to the clear and loud sound of analog hearing aids, but also bringing users the advanced features of the digital hearing aids.

Personalized customization  Joyful listening

The Inspiring Sound U and Ultra Sharp U have personalized production to ensure the fit for your specific canal. Ultra Sharp U, a kind of super power hearing aid, can be adaptable to people with moderate to profound hearing loss. With its super power technology, Ultra Sharp U can not only meet the needs of invisible beauty, but also easily bring users a clear sound.

High performance-to-price ratio, Full digital hearing aids

Austar applies itself to optimize the products and perfect the product chain on and on, at the same time, it also ensures users to buy the suitable products with the most affordable price, which enable you to easily enjoy the clear sound.


Diamond M and Diamond E

Diamond quality    Eternal miracle

Diamond M and Diamond E series hearing aids will be on sale at the same time through out the world on July.10th ,2012

Diamond M and Diamond E series:  High quality custom-made hearing aid is newly upgraded based on the high performance of Diamond 2000 whose audio can be accommodated more exactly; The IMM intelligent multi-core microprocessor platform, 6−channel WDRC , Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Adaptive Directional Microphone will help you to hear clearer and feel more comfortable.

The production name “M” means “Miracle” and “E” means “Eternal”. Diamond M and Diamond E with the newest technology functions not only have excellent quality like Diamond but also will provide you with miracle aural enjoyment.

IMM Intelligent Multi-core Microprocessor platform

Intelligent Multi-core Microprocessor system is a technological breakthrough of microchip processing system for hearing aid with synchronous processing multi-signal instruction and immediate processing capability over 6 times than the single core processing system, which won’t only guarantee the more clear, natural and fluent high-fidelity linguistic information, but also bring you unprecedented hearing definition as well as excellent high-resolution audio analysis in noisy environment.

Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC)

WDRC, with a low threshold of activation, designed to distribute signals between a listener’s hearing threshold and discomfort in a manner that matches loudness growth. It provides more amplification for slight sound, while less amplification for loud sound.

Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM)

The automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone (ADM) algorithm automatically reduces the level of sound sources that originate from behind or to the side of the hearing aid wearer without affecting sounds from the front. The algorithm can also gather input from the acoustic environment and automatically select whether directionality is needed or not, translating into additional current savings. Whether you are in noisy or quiet places, ADM will automatically determine the best pattern to offer you optimum comfort, such as Omidirection, bidirectional, cardiod, or hyper−cardiod.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

The Adaptive Feedback Cancellation function (AFC) reduces acoustic feedback by forming an estimate of the hearing aid feedback signal and then subtracting this estimate from the hearing aid input. The forward path of the hearing aid is not affected. Unlike adaptive notch filter approaches, AFC does not reduce the hearing aid’s gain. It provides 23dB added stable gain to enable user comfort . As with previous products, the feedback canceller provides completely automatic operation.

Adaptive Noise Reduction

The noise reduction algorithm is built upon a high resolution 128−band filter bank enabling precise removal of noise. The algorithm monitors the signal and noise activities in these bands, and imposes a carefully calculated attenuation gain independently in each of the 128 bands. The Noise Reduction algorithm efficiently removes a wide variety of types of noise, while retaining natural speech quality and level. The level of noise reduction is configurable to 7, 10 and 13 dB of reduction.

Super Quiet

Super Quiet provides users an amazing tranquility and comfort in quiet places. The squelch region within each channel implements a low level noise reduction scheme.

In−Situ Datalogging

Diamond M and Diamond E have a dataloging function that

record information every 4 s to 60 minutes (programmable)

about the state of the hearing aid and its environment to non−volatile memory. This information is recorded over time and can be downloaded for analysis.

The following parameters are sampled:

• Battery level

• Volume control setting

• Program memory selection

• Environment

• Ambient sound level

• Length of time the hearing aid was powered on

Excellent Performance

Diamond M

Diamond E

Signal Processing









Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)



Adaptive Feedback Cancellation (AFC)

Adaptive Directional Microphone

In−Situ Datalogging




Adjustable Indicator

Super Quiet

Adjustment for high & low frequency

Memory Switch Indicator

Low Battery Indicator

MPO Control

Power-on Delay

Compression Knee Points

Automatic T-coil