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Hearing Aid Fitter: 3 benefits of wearing hearing aids in both ears


The hearing-impaired elderly will struggle with a question when they wear a hearing aid for the first time: wear hearing aids in one or both ears? After the experience, I feel that wearing a hearing aid in both ears is better than wearing a single ear, but I am not willing to pay twice as much. Hearing aid fitters recommend hearing aids in both ears!

Better to wear hearing aids in both ears

Hearing Aid Fitter better to wear hearing aids in both ears

1. Sound source localization

If you have hearing loss in both ears, and you only wear one ear, you will not be able to determine where the sound comes from when you listen to the sound in daily life. No matter where the sound is, it will feel that it comes from the ear that wears the hearing aid. However, wearing hearing aids in both ears can avoid this situation and improve the ability of sound source localization.

2. More clearly

When wearing hearing aids in both ears, the brain will integrate and process the information collected by both ears, which can analyze the sound signal more efficiently and comprehensively. At the same time, our brain has the function of automatic noise reduction, but the premise of this function is to achieve dual Ear hearing balance. Wearing a hearing aid in one ear means hearing imbalance, and the noise reduction function of the brain cannot be fully reflected. This is very unfriendly to users who wear hearing aids in one ear, but in the case of wearing both ears, the noise reduction function of the brain can be reflected. This facilitates better speech intelligibility.

3. Prevention of hearing deprivation

What is hearing deprivation? Auditory deprivation is simply understood as the asymmetrical reception of input information by both ears for a long time, which will lead to the degradation of the auditory pathway of the poor ear, and the speech recognition rate will decrease progressively over time. Once hearing deprivation occurs, it is difficult to restore the language discrimination rate to the previous level even if hearing aids are worn in the future. Therefore, when hearing loss occurs in both ears, both ears should be worn to prevent the occurrence of hearing deprivation.

Hearing aid cost budget

Hearing aids work better with both ears. If buying a pair of hearing aids is out of your budget, you can buy a cheap hearing aid instead of buying 1 hearing aid.

Which users only need hearing aids in one ear

1. Hearing-impaired users with only unilateral deafness, the poor ear has become so serious that the meaning of hearing compensation is lost.

2. When the effect of wearing a single ear is significantly better than that of wearing both ears in the hearing aid audition, you can choose to wear a hearing aid in one ear.

3. For other reasons, users can only wear hearing aids in one ear.

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