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How to choose the most affordable hearing aids for you?


How to choose an affordable hearing aid according to your hearing situation? This is undoubtedly a headache. The price of hearing aids varies greatly, ranging from tens to thousands of dollars. So how do users choose hearing aids?

Hearing aid power

When choosing a hearing aid, the power should be reserved for a certain range.

For single ear fitting, when choosing hearing aids, try to reserve 10~20dB more on the basis of your own hearing loss. Don't choose just the right and cheap hearing aids just because the high-power hearing aids are expensive. In that case, if hearing loss occurs in another year or two, the original hearing aids are not powerful enough, and you will have to spend more money to buy them again.

During binaural fitting, the fitting range can be slightly higher than the hearing loss, such as 5~10dB, because if you choose just the right power, the hearing aid may not be broken in a few years, but the power is not enough, so you can't hear clearly , need to repurchase hearing aids. If the power compensation is too much, the noise of the hearing device will increase, and the user will always feel that there is noise.

wear affordable hearing aids at work

Hearing aid channel and hearing environment

Selection of suitable listening environment. If the user's occupation is to work in a variety of environments, then try to spend a little more money to buy a hearing aid that can switch multiple program functions, so that the work efficiency is higher and you are more comfortable. Otherwise, the usual work will be affected due to insufficient hearing aid channel programs.

There are as many hearing aid channels as possible. Users should pay a slightly higher price to buy hearing aids with more channels, so that there is no problem of fine fitting due to fewer channels in the later stage. I have encountered such a problem, the same hearing loss, but the former has many channels, which can solve all the loud and small sounds, howling, and noise, and the user can hear it clearly, very satisfied, and well received. The latter, because there are too few hearing aid channels, it is impossible to carry out more precise fitting, resulting in inaudible, and re-purchase again.

The appearance of hearing aids

If the user is more concerned about the appearance, then they should choose a ITE hearing aid with a smaller appearance, and do not choose a behind-the-ear machine or a half-ear cavity because of the price. Otherwise, in the later stage, the hearing aids will be considered too big, and they will be embarrassed to wear them. In this case, the hearing will be degraded, and the hearing aids will have to be repurchased at double the price.

types of hearing aids

Children should try to choose a behind-the-ear hearing aids. Because the external auditory canal of children has not yet fully developed, if you choose to customize the in-ear CIC hearing aids or invisible IIC hearing aids, you need to replace the shell frequently, which will cost a lot of money for a long time.

When there are diseases such as suppurative otitis media or external auditory canal eczema, you should choose the back-of-the-ear machine. Because the ear often oozes pus and water, it will damage the hearing aid, which will greatly reduce the life of the hearing aid, so the frequency of hearing aid replacement is higher, and the behind-the-ear machine only needs to clean the earplugs or replace the earplugs frequently. The price of earplugs will be much lower than the price of hearing aids.

Your needs: What hearing problems do you most want to solve?

There are many brands and grades of hearing aids to choose from. After comparison, it depends on what your needs are. If it is only used for convenient communication with family members, without the need for family members to always shout, then you can choose a slightly mid-range price function. If you have frequent meetings, or traffic police, etc., you must choose a hearing aid with more programs and a slightly higher-end hearing aid. If you are an elderly person and don't want to have to worry about changing batteries, you can choose rechargeable hearing aids, which are small, compact, practical and well-received, such as behind-the-ear rechargeable BTE hearing aids.

multi channel rechargeable bte hearing aids

All in all, when choosing a hearing aid, you should consider the cost-effectiveness, and choose the most affordable hearing aid that suits you. The cheapest and most expensive are not necessarily right. AUSTAR provides you with one-stop hearing solutions, you can contact us if you need it.

About AUSTAR Hearing Aids

AUSTAR is a leading hearing aid manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China with 19+ years of experience, dedicated to providing affordable hearing aids and best hearing aid solutions to dealers and hearing impaired. Specializing in the production of the best digital hearing aids, as seen on tv hearing aids.

Hearing aid advantages:

Rich product structure

AUSTAR hearing devices cover traditional hearing centers and hospital fitting hearing aids, as well as online retail OTC hearing aids, with traditional batteries and convenient rechargeable CIC hearing aids to choose from. Common types of hearing aids are: BTE, RIC, CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE open-fit.

Convenient operation

AUSTAR hearing aid products focus on humanized design, sound control, program switching, ergonomic design, to avoid misoperation, and the operation method is suitable for all ages.

Famous brand

The AUSTAR hearing aid brand was founded in 2003, with 19+ years of professional experience in the production and sales of hearing aids, in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the brand is well-known at home and abroad.

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