Hearing Loss

Why is hearing aid fitting important?


Many hearing impaired patients lack the understanding of hearing and hearing aids. It is important to go to the hearing clinic for a hearing test before wearing a hearing aid because we do not know the fitting range of hearing aid and the tips for wearing hearing aids etc.

Hearing aid fitting is important

Why is hearing aid fitting important?

The first is because each hearing-impaired patient is unique. Taking the elderly as an example, different types of deafness have different degrees of hearing loss, whether there is tinnitus, whether they are afraid of loud noises, how well they can distinguish their hearing ability, etc., which lead to different hearing conditions, and different hearing conditions require different hearing aids.

Secondly, hearing aids are national second-class medical devices, and they need to be accurately fitted by professionals in a professional fitting institution or hearing aid chain institution before they can be worn with confidence. When fitting hearing aids, a fitter can help you: check, test hearing function, and obtain accurate hearing test data (such as audiograms, etc.).

According to your hearing loss and your wearing experience, you can accurately adjust the hearing aids, formulate hearing rehabilitation programs, and finally provide long-term professional after-sales maintenance services for your hearing aids. Therefore, when the elderly, children and other hearing-impaired people choose hearing aids, it is better to know that "tailor-made" is better. AUSTAR hearing aid manufacturer has a complete range of hearing aid products for the hearing-impaired to choose from. For example, the hearing aid products favored by the hearing-impaired include rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids and OTC hearing aids. Reliable quality and competitive price are suitable for different needs.

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